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Applications of Hot Melt Adhesives

Applications of Hot Melt Adhesives

By: Foreverest

  1. Application in the label industry

In recent years, with the rapid development of electronic commerce, relevant industries like logistics, packaging, logo and so on have also experience significant growth. The label industry and adhesive industry is driven by these industries are the fields that people see, use, and come into contact with every day. But few people noticed their rapid development.

Hot melt adhesive is an important species in adhesive label. To a certain temperature range, the physical conditions of hot melt adhesive change with the temperature, but the chemical properties remain the same. It has a good early viscous force and stable viscous force. Because the product itself is a solid, which is easy to pack, transport, store, and its production technology is simple, along with high value-added, high bonding strength, quick speed, no solvent, no pollution, non-toxic tasteless properties, these advantages in environmental protection make it more and more popular and welcomed by people. Nowadays, hot melt adhesive has been widely used in the label industry, on the contrary, it also promoted the development of the label adhesive industry.

  1. Applications in sanitary industry

As the core material of non-woven fabric coating and laminating process, hot melt adhesive has been widely used in sanitary materials.

Sanitary napkins for women, diapers for children and adults, etc., are fast-moving consumer goods commonly used in daily life. It is hard for outsiders to imagine that hot-melt adhesive products are also widely used in these personal hygiene products. Yes, hot melt adhesive, with its excellent environmental friendly characteristics, meets the special requirements of sanitary products, can be safely applied in the sanitary production. These characteristics are:

  • colorless, tasteless and non-toxic
  • the product is free of impurities, solvents and violate substances
  • has good bonding ability in fiber and the strength is constant
  • good stability, not easy to leak or anti-adhesive, long open time
  1. Application in the express delivery industry

With the popularity of online shopping, there are more and more express goods and express orders that need to be packaged and pasted. Hot melt adhesive is widely used in the express delivery industry. For example, it is suitable for sealing all kinds of express bags, pasting the express sheet, sealing the bubble bag, sticking the brown paper envelope and so on.

  1. Application in packing industry

Hot melt adhesive can also be used in packaging composite. When hot melt adhesive is used in coating, it should be sprayed, the glue must have good flow performance and appropriate opening time and setting time, the product requires a strong cohesion, high viscosity and light color.

  1. Applications in the automotive industry

At present, the Asia-Pacific region accounts for nearly half of the global automotive adhesive market, the automotive industry has been growing, especially in China, India, Japan and other developing countries, this trend is expected to continue in the future, hot melt adhesive in this industry will be more widely used, its market potential is inestimable.