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Antimicrobial floor polish combats harmful microbes

Antimicrobial floor polish combats harmful microbes

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And even more satisfying to note is that there is no leaching of antimicrobial actives making your floor now even safer than ever before for you, your family, pets and the environment.

Reduction or indeed elimination of harmful microbes on surfaces not only helps to reduce cross contamination, but also improves the working environment, providing reassurance that employee heath and wellbeing is a priority. Coupled with reduced cleaning frequency, less reliance on harsh chemicals and lower labour requirements, this product is really pushing the boundaries.

In addition to the unique antimicrobial properties, Resient has formulated the polish to be low in VOCs and completely eliminated the need for additives that lead to the release of chemicals such as formaldehyde. Resient’s product is also free of alkylphenol ethoxylates, commonly found in floor polishes which degrade to form phenols, responsible for hormone disruption in both human and aquatic life.

Alongside the Antimicrobial Floor Polish, Resient has developed a cleaner/maintainer which is free of phosphates and harmful actives, continuing the company’s drive to provide safer products without compromising on performance.


But Resient Labs didn’t stop there.

“…the challenge was to formulate with a safer resin without losing the performance of styrene acrylics that can contain harmful residual styrene.”

Resient’s Chief Chemist and Technical Director, Anthony Somers started his quest for a superior, more environmentally friendly system by refusing to use styrene acrylic – a cheaper, easier formulation option.

Resient Labs Metallised Antimicrobial Floor Polish opted for a chemically cross linked metal-complexed pure acrylic resin with a re-engineered polymer backbone resulting in increased wear resistance. The result is excellent gloss for longer with good scratch and scuff resistance.

“In busy environments, a lot of time and energy goes in to maintaining floors. Once floors have been treated with Resient floor Polish, constant re-application and high speed buffing can instead be replaced with light spray buffing to restore the glossy look saving labour and product”


Resient looked at many floor polish formulations. Some were good and some were very poor. Applying a floor polish should not increase the chance of slip/fall accidents, yet, believe it or not, it does for some products on the market. From laboratory testing, some very surprising results were found. Resient made sure that its polish met every safety requirement.”


Resient Metallised Floor Polish is a powerful, self-shine, high solids, metallised floor care polish for all types of floors, including porous stone, granite, marble, parquet, PVC, linoleum, vinyl and rubber. As well as being hygienic, it provides an industrial strength high durable finish with excellent wear properties, good heel mar resistance and excellent, ethanol, water, and detergent resistance.

Key features

  • Antimicrobial
  • Professional grade
  • Durable
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Available in gloss and satin
  • High gloss for longer
  • Low VOCs. Styrene and formaldehyde free
  • Easy to apply
  • Save time and labour
  • Increased slip and scuff resistance
  • Dries in 30 minutes.

Resient Metallised Floor Polish works well in domestic locations – kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms as well as in hospitals, schools, supermarkets and shopping centres. Both polish and cleaner/maintainer are available in 1 litre, 5 litre and 25 litre plastic containers or in bulk IBC’s.

Application is standard. Clean and prepare the floor as normal. Strip any existing floor polish with Resient Floor Polish Stripper. Allow the floor to dry then apply Resient Metallised Floor Polish in multiple coats to build protection at 30 minute intervals.

Resient is currently looking for distribution partners for a number of its products. White labelling options are available.

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