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2015 Season of Crude Pine Esters

2015 Season of Crude Pine Esters

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The season of crude pine esters has came on July, this farm work time has delayed than last year. Due to the rains weather and initiative of collection. Guandong, Jiangxi and Fujian, where began the new season on mid of July. Opening price quoted ¥5.1 to ¥5.2 per 500g, was lower than last year, ¥6.4 to ¥6.4 per 500g. The price remain firm at ¥4.5 per 500g.

Season was Delayed 20 Days Than Last Year

The price of gum rosin was weakness on commodities market, this factor effected the enthusiasm of farmers and factories. Rains is the natural direct acting from May to June. Factories can collect 20 to 30 tons of crude pine esters only when the weather goes sunny.

Table 1. Crude pine esters price trends of 2015 season.© Edited by Foreverest.
Guangxi Guangdong Jiangxi Fujian Yunnan
2014 2015 2014 2015 2014 2015 2014 2015 2014 2015
Opening Price,
RMB per 500g
6.30 to 6.50 5.10 to 5.25 5.80 to 6.20 4.90 to 5.20 5.30 to 5.50 4.90 to 5.20 5.80 to 6.30 5.10 to 5.20
Price on Aug.20 th 5.60 to 5.90 4.50 to 4.80 5.40 to 5.80 4.30 to 4.50 5.40 to 5.70 4.30 to 4.60 5.50 to 5.80 4.70 to 4.85 5.70 to 5.80 4.50 to 4.75
The Price Upside Down as “U” Curve

The average price quoted ¥5.0/500g.(See Table.1) 1st batch crude esters of price can quoted ¥5.2/500g in Guangxi. But this price was quickly trended down to ¥5.0/500g after the end of July. According as the price of gum rosin had gone down at ¥12800 per ton (See Figure.1), crude esters has at the top around ¥5.0 per 500g.

Price of Gum Rosin, 2014-2015

Figure 1. Price of Gum Rosin, 2014-2015. © Edited by Foreverest.

Collection was Concentrated on the 1st Batch

Due to the price steadied at ¥5.0 to 5.2 per 500g, the season appears stable and trends to weakness. The day collection can reach 70 to 80 ton on Guangxi. Jiangxi and Fujian can reach 30 to 50 ton per day when sunny. Factories and farmers were adopting a wait and see attitude.

Production of 2015 Season

Now, the market forecasts the production of crude pine esters will appears increase and decrease at different of areas in this year. The collection forecasts to higher at 200k to 250k tons, lower at 150k to 180k tons.

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