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香茅腈(CAS 51566-62-2)

CAS: 51566-62-2
SPECS: 99%

香茅腈是一种具有柠檬和柑橘气味的透明无色液体。 以香茅醛为原料,通过肟化反应制备醛肟,然后在乙酸酐存在下加热脱水制备。香茅腈被广泛用作香料成分。 香茅腈是香茅醛的替代品。

羟基香茅醛(CAS 107-75-5)

CAS: 107-75-5
SPECS: 99%

羟基香茅醛有丁香、百合、铃兰的气味。 它是一种香水成分,具有中等强度的花香,让人联想到百合和热带甜瓜。 羟基香 […]

甲酸香茅酯(CAS 105-85-1)

CAS: 105-85-1
SPECS: 92%

Citronellyl Formate is a light yellow transparent liquid with sweet rose, myrcia aroma and slightly with lemon, cucumber and other fresh green fragrance.

左旋香茅醇(CAS 7540-51-4)

CAS: 7540-51-4
SPECS: 99%

L-香茅醇是一种香茅醇,它是 1 位上的羟基和 3 位和 7 位上的甲基(3S-对映异构体)取代的 oct-6 […]

乙酸香茅酯(CAS 67601-05-2)

CAS: 67601-05-2, 150-84-5, 67650-82-2
SPECS: 98%

Citronellyl acetate is industirally prepared by the esterification of Citronellol with Acetic Anhydride. It is extensively used in perfumery and fragrance.

孟二醇(CAS 42822-86-6)

CAS: 42822-86-6
SPECS: 90%

p-Menthane-3,8-diol, also known as para-menthane-3,8-diol, PMD, or menthoglycol. Mainly used as insect repellents, especially natural culicifuge

香茅醇 (CAS 106-22-9)

CAS: 106-22-9
SPECS: 95%

Citronellol, or dihydrogeraniol, is a natural acyclic monoterpenoid.


CAS: 85006-04-8
SPECS: 85%



CAS: 68916-56-3