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海风醛(CAS 67634-15-5)

CAS: 67634-15-5

海风醛是邻位、对位和间位异构体的混合物,主要是对位异构体。 由异丁醛与对乙基苄基氯在相转移催化剂存在下缩合而成。主要用于各种日用香精配方,赋予清新感香气。


CAS: 110-41-8
SPECS: 96%

2-甲基十一醛是种有机芳香化合物,天然存在于金桔皮油中。具有草本香、柑橘甜香和龙涎香等芳香特征。可由methylnonone或α-nonylacrolein和ethyl monochloroacetate(CAS 105-39-5)在sodium ethanol下制备而得,或通过裂解相应的缩水甘油酸而得。

2-甲氧基肉桂醛(CAS 1504-74-1)

CAS: 1504-74-1
SPECS: 98%


香芳醛(CAS 106-23-0)

CAS: 106-23-0
SPECS: 85%

Citronellal is a colorless to yellow liquid with aromas of lemon, citronella and rose.

新洋茉莉醛(CAS 1205-17-0)

CAS: 1205-17-0
SPECS: 98%

Helional is commonly used in fragrance formulation.

乙基香兰素(CAS 121-32-4)

CAS: 121-32-4
SPECS: 99%

Ethylvanillin appears white to off-white fine crystalline powder.It has similar but stronger scent than vanillin

己基肉桂醛(CAS 101-86-0)

CAS: 101-86-0
SPECS: 97%

己基肉桂醛天然存在于洋甘菊精油中。 它是带有己基取代基的肉桂醛类的成员。工业上通过辛醛和苯甲醛之间的交叉醛醇缩合反应生产己基肉桂醛。

柠檬醛(CAS 5392-40-5)

CAS: 5392-40-5
SPECS: 96%

Citral natural is a mixture of two geometric isomers,geranial (trans confirmation) and neral (cis confirmation).It is obtained by the vacuum distillation process of the lemon grass oil or litsea cubeba oil.

洋茉莉醛(CAS 120-57-0)

CAS: 120-57-0
SPECS: 99%

Heliotropin is also known as piperonal, is widely used in the fragrance formulation of soaps, perfumes and cosmetics.