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Triethylene Glycol Hydrogenated Rosinate

Triethylene Glycol Hydrogenated Rosinate is a pale, viscous, balsamic liquid with the resistance to oxidation. In general, it finds use where there is a need for a pale, non-oxidizing, color-stable, highly tacky liquid resin. It is widely used in personal care, such as the component in depilatory waxes and other personal care preparations.
Substance Name: Resin acids and Rosin acids, hydrogenated, esters with triethylene glycol
De : Harzsäuren und Kolophoniumsäuren, hydriert, Ester mit Triethylenglykol
Es : ácidos resínicos y ácidos de colofonia, hidrogenados, ésteres con trietilenglicol
Fr : acides résiniques et acides colophaniques hydrogénés, esters avec le triéthylèneglycol