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Nerolidol (CAS 7212-44-4)

Nerolidol is also known as peruviol and penetrol. It is a naturally occurring sesquiterpene found in the many kinds of essential oils, including neroli, oil of petitgrain, cananga oi, and jasmine oil. It appears colorless to pale yellow clear oily liquid with minty floral odor.

Nerolidol is prepared by using linalool as raw material, and convert it into geranyl acetone, and then through ethymylation and hydrogenation reaction.

It is mainly used in the fragrance formulation of luxury cosmetics.

Nerolidol has a subtle floral fragrance, this light fragrance will not be annoying to everyone. Floral scents mainly include lavender, lily, and cedar. The main notes are like valley lilies.

Nerolidol, although delicate, has a high concentration of aroma and a wide range of effects. Suitable for a variety of more volatile fragrance, can increase the depth. Nerolidol can help perfumers find their intrinsic flavoring properties!

The addition of nerolidol, though small, is 0.05% for ready-to-drink beverages or simple broths.