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Alpha Ionone (CAS 127-41-3)

The Ionones are a series of closely related chemical substances. They are part of rose ketones, which also include damascones and damascenones. Ionones are aroma compounds naturally found in essential oils, including rose oil.

α-Ionone is prepared by the cyclization of pseudoionone. It is widely used in the fragrance of daily chemical products.
The ionones are related to irone, C14H22O which occurs in the oil obtained from the orris root.

δ-Damascone (CAS 57378-68-4)

δ-Damascone is the mixture of cis-isomer and trans isomers that appears liquid with fruity and blackcurrant-like odor.

It is industrially prepared by using the mesityl oxide and 1,3 pentadiene as raw material, and then through the dehydration reaction of alcohol ketone.

δ-Damascone is used in the preparation of high grade fragrance.