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Shellac Flakes

The shellac flake is a natural mixture composed of hydroxycarboxylic acid, sesquiterpene acid and low molecular fatty acid. It is prepared from natural shellac or seedlac by hot melting or dissolving impurities in solvents. Shellac flake contains shellac resin, shellac pigment, shellac wax, sugar and protein.
As a biological product, it has the properties of non-toxic and non-irritating odor. It can effectively inhibit formaldehyde pollution and be used as environmental protection coating in the field of home decoration. Owing to the characteristics of moisture-proof, anticorrosion, rust-proof, electrical insulation and thermoplastics, it is widely used in food, medicine, military industry, electrical, aerospace and other high-end fine industries.


The seedlac was crushed and washed frequently to remove the bug bodies and a portion of the coloring matter. After drying the washed sticklac, we get the commercial variety of seedlac. It contains around 3~5% impurity.