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Poly-menthene (Poly-1-p-Menthene) is copolymerized by several specific Terpene under specified conditions, an biobased treatment ingredient for plant adjuvants.

PINEYE® Emulsion

PINEYE® Emulsion is a non-toxic film-forming adjuvant surfactant, used for coating plants to prevent loss of water and adhere pesticides to the plants. Spray PINEYE® Emulsion can forming a prophylactic shield on plants, against UV degradation, frost, windburn and acid rain, to aid plant growth.

It is an equivalent of spreader stickers for Pinolene and Nu Film 17.

The R&D application of PINEYE, which same active ingredient di-1-p-menthene: Antitranspirants can they enhance winegrape production-posted byThe_AWRI

PINEYE® Label Education – Plant Ajuvant – A spreader Sticker Guideline

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