Lac Series

Laccifer lacca, is a kind of parasites which parasites in Dalbergia odorifera, Albizia kalkora, Mallotus apelta, Campylotropis rockii schindl and Ficus hookeriana. In China, the common host trees include Pigeon pea and Hibiscus species. They parasites in trees by all its life. At larval phase, Laccifer lacca begin excreting colloid substances from nutrient of trees, and wraps up itself in the oval lac. Plants my wilting for the thousands of these tiny insects soak up nutrient. But in industry, they are important raw materials of ink and pigments.

In southwest of Sichuan province, China. Sticklac is collected from September to Octorber. With the process of decon, grinding, sizing, soaking, washing, dehydration, drying and sifting. Then sticklac is manufactured to Seedlac. Seedlac which still contains 3-5% impurities is processed into Shellac by heat treatment or solvent extraction. ( or you can learn about Japanese shellac production process here )

India is the largest production country of lac, such like Sitaram and Parwati are the main manufactor of lac series products. In China, seedlac and shellac are machine made under heat process. With the excellent features of insulation, oil resistance, water insoluble and strong adhesion. Shellac is main raw materials of ink and pigments.

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Aleuritic Acid

CAS: 533-87-9
SPECS: 98%

Aleuritic Acid is the straight-chain fatty acid part of lac resin. It can be used to synthesize dihydroxyacetone and glucose laurate monoester. And it has good bonding ability to plastics.

Dewaxed Bleached Shellac

CAS: 9000-59-3

Dewaxed bleached shellac is refined from natural shellac. It has high purity and is mainly used in fruit preservatives and medicine sugar coating and other fields.

Lac Dye

CAS: 60687-93-6

Lac Dye, also known as Alta, it is mainly applied by dying of textiles, such as dyeing wool and silk fabric, silk, cotton, wool.


CAS: 9000-59-3

The seedlac was crushed and washed frequently to remove the bug bodies and a portion of the coloring matter. After drying the washed sticklac, we get the commercial variety of seedlac.

Shellac Flakes

CAS: 9000-59-3
SPECS: Machine made

The shellac flake is a natural mixture composed of hydroxycarboxylic acid, sesquiterpene acid and low molecular fatty acid. It is prepared from natural shellac or seedlac by hot melting or dissolving impurities in solvents. Shellac flake contains shellac resin, shellac pigment, shellac wax, sugar and protein.