Activated Carbon

Activated carbon, also called activated charcoal, a form of graphite. The greater surface area brings the strongest adsorption forces and adsorbing porosity. In the adsorption process, activated carbon is used for adsorption of organic compounds, increasing the function group numbers and molecular weight.

Many of raw materials were used for the preparation of activated carbon. Coal, coconut shells and waste sawdust are the main resources. Fujian exports the highest volume of wood based activated carbon in China.

In 2016, China exports totally 17k tons wood based activated carbon, at 16% CAGE, values 62 millions dollars. Fujian at 40% of market shares.

FOREVEREST® Wood Based Activated Carbons are produced by the waste sawdust from logging, building and processing. The preparation of phosphoric acid activation process is more eco friendly than ZnCl2.