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Paint is the group of emulsions generally consisting of pigments suspended in a liquid medium for use as decorative or protective coatings. On today, paints and coatings play immeasurably valuable roles in delivering high-quality foodstuffs, durable goods, housing, furniture and thousands of products to markets.1

Rosin resin, a bio-based and green film materials of coatings, providing the function of corrosion, moisture, insulation, binding and emulsification. Is is the main material of paints, shiny filming and easy soluble in organic solvents.


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Foreverest® Pentaerythrite Modified Rosinate is applied as nitrocellulose lacquer for wood finished, can improve the hardness, luster and wearbility of film. The character with drying fast, excellent wearability and luster.

Foreverest® Glyceryl Rosinate can be used as thermoplastic resin for road marking coatings. It binding inks and reflective materials well.

 1 Historical Context, ACA

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Available Products

Products Chemicals Name CAS
50% Pine Oil (CAS 8002-09-3) 8002-09-3
65% Pine Oil (CAS 8002-09-3) 8002-09-3
85% Pine Oil (CAS 8002-09-3) 8002-09-3
250 Pine Tar (CAS 8011-48-1) 8011-48-1
LTP Poly-menthene 34363-01-4
RP100 Reactive Alkyl Phenolic Resin 9003-35-4
- Road Marking Resins 64742-16-1
RA908 Rosin Amine (Abietylamine) 61790-47-4
FR2402 Rosin Modified Phenolic Resin N/A
MP2101 Rosin Modified Phenolic Resin N/A
MP2116 Rosin Modified Phenolic Resin 68333- 69-7
MP5103 Rosin Modified Phenolic Resin N/A
- Seedlac 9000-59-3
- Shellac Flakes 9000-59-3
TS90 Styrenated Terpene Resin 64536-06-7
1st Grade Tall Oil Fatty Acid 61790-12-3
2nd Grade Tall Oil Fatty Acid 61790-12-3
3rd Grade Tall Oil Fatty Acid 61790-12-3
- Tall Oil Pitch 8016-81-7
X Grade Tall Oil Rosin 8052-10-6
WW Grade Tall Oil Rosin 8052-10-6
WG Grade Tall Oil Rosin 8052-10-6
- Terpene Phenolic Resin 25359-84-6
- Terpene Phenolic Resin 68648-57-7
- Terpene Resin 31393-98-3
- Tung Oil 8001-20-5
FR170 Vacuum Plating Resin N/A
H101 Water-White Hydrogenated Rosin 65997-06-0
H301 Water-White Hydrogenated Rosin 65997-06-0
- Wood Creosote Oil 8021-39-4