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There are more than 1 million individual ink formulations in EU today, to satisfied the end user demands and made products developed to meet specific print technology. The formulations are applied in the different printing and coating process, such as flexography, gravure, offset, screen, letterpress, non-impact printing and roller coating, and, depending on the process, they can be solvent-borne, water-borne, oleo-resinous or energy-curing (UV or electron beam) mixtures.1

Rosin, a renewable resource, the rosin based derivatives are natural material as binder for inks to improve performance of fluidity, viscosity, drying and printing adaptation.

Foreverest® Rosin Modified Phenolic Resin, soluble in tar, ester, turpentine oil and similar solvents. Insoluble in alcoholic solvents, partially soluble in petroleum products, mix well with vegetable oils, high softening point, fast drying. It can used as the enhancer in reflectiveness and texture of printing ink.

Foreverest® Terpene Phenolic Resin, used as tackifier in inks, has excellent chemical corrosion resistance, water resistance and luster.

Foreverest® Shellac Flakes, the only one insect resin. Compared nature resins, shellac has mechanical properties in tensile strength, wearability, resilience and hardness. It can used in food packaging.

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