Heat Transfer Fluids

-30°C~350°C | -22°F~662°F

SRS602 is a good substitute for DBT, designed for heat transfer installations by fluid circulation. DBT is an excellent heat transfer fluids with blend of dibenzyltoluene isomers, specially suitable for heating well defined composition and the absence of detectable contaminants provide enhanced safety. But due to the buyer bought most of capacity from Arkema. The manufactures representative may looking for equivalent to DBT.

  1. An excellent alternative to Jarytherm DBT as a heat transfer fluid.
  2. Prominent thermal stability from -30°C~350°C.
  3. Nearly non-toxic and odorless, environmental friendly.
  4. Noncorrosive to equipment.
  5. low viscosity and high thermal conductivity.
  6. High boiling, flash, and auto-ignition points for a safer working environment.

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Available Products

Products Chemicals Name CAS
RA988 Dehydroabietylamine (Leelamine) 1446-61-3
SRS602 Heat Transfer Fluids 26898-17-9
RA908 Rosin Amine (Abietylamine) 61790-47-4